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of CAHEN Robert

FRANCE, 2011, 00:11:00

Production : CAHEN Robert
Genre : Video art
Keyword : Testimony, Africa, Poetry

Summary :

On a poem by Patrick Mudekereza

Follow (as we can) children of Lubumbashi which opens the way to the red earth of their playground and life field. Report on the air today, in different passages in and out of the city of Lubumbashi.
Eyes always crossed, discoveries of a society which fights and struggles to live but which also knows how to smile at life.

The final work will be a sensitive short film that will sing in its own way the discoveries, apprehensions, sensations of some facets of this incredible city that is Lubumbashi (and its inhabitants)
Patrick Mudekereza's poem will sing the images in its own way.

Children filmed at the Rail Market, say the poem and repeat:
"The air today will be silent and we will then be able to sleep
Because the whole universe is in us”.

Poem by Patrick Mudekereza

Accept to dive
Not just get closer to your dream,
But dare to dive into it. From your full height
The dream is more stubborn than we think
It survives our cowardice, our betrayals.
Let yourself be overwhelmed by the fear of being buried
Above all, don't smell anything
Feeling is a decoy
All that is far away does not exist
There is only us and what embraces us
Over there, tomorrow, everything is in us
Justice is to be built with straw
We are the needle that sleeps in it
The air today will be silent and we will then be able to sleep
Because the whole universe is in us

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