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BRAZIL, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF, 2014, 00:64:00

Genre : Documentary, Creative documentary
Keyword : Ecology, Landscape, Testimony

Summary :
TIDELANDS focuses on the distinctive people and landscape of Daebu-island, located in South Korea. It shows men and women from its fishing community sharing their memories related to the sea and the islands before the construction of the Sihwa Wall. This wall - the longest tide embankment in Asia – and the homonymous artificial lake were constructed to improve the local industry and promote urban growth; however, these implementations had a huge impact in the ecological balance of these islands, and therefore over the lives of their inhabitants and traditional cultures. Long, contemplative shots of places and elements from the islands, such as the wide mudflats, fishermen’s abandoned objects and boats, their houses in precarious state, are intertwined with images of the participants talking to the camera. The community was broken up by capitalist growth and the film allows its shattered identity to be slowly uncovered.

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Original language : Korean
Original format : HD Video
Aspect ratio : 16/9
Chroma : Couleur
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