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of LE TACON Jean-Louis

FRANCE, 1991, 00:10:00

Genre : Experimental fiction, Travel Diary
Keyword : Allegory, Nervous tension, City

Summary :
Landed on a glistening beach, at the end of a winter's day, he walks to the city where, in the empty streets and among abandoned symbols, allegorical bodies, the naked angels of past times, appear. At the end of a corridor, in a bath, lies the corpse of an agent he had been sent to find before the final evacuation. Under the ground, he discovers tired butchers cutting meat with an axe, a cigarette in their mouths, and the bewildered crowd.

Shot with the lightest tools by artists sent or invited by France in Latin America, in the Baltic states or in Paris during the video-art festivals organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, those travel diaries were totally free as to form and content in order to leave full play to the feeling of strangeness and the uncertainties of encounters. They benefit from a sophisticated post-production. The result is a strange rhapsody of glances stretching over more than ten years. The collection "Journaux de Voyages" was conceived of and directed by Pascal-Emmanuel GALLET. It is divided into : French diaries in Latin America, Latin American diaries in France, French diaries in Latvia and Balt diaries in France.

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Original language : french
Original format : video
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Chroma : Couleur
Available version(s) : Version française

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