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of ADDA Catherine

FRANCE, 2000, 00:26:00

Production : ARTE France, Direction du Patrimoine et de l'Architecture, LES FILMS D'ICI, MUSEE D'ORSAY
Collection : Musée d'Orsay
Genre : Documentary
Keyword : Architecture, Art, History, Memory, Orsay Museum

Summary :
The School of Fine Arts of Paris, whose building took nearly the whole of the 19th century, has long epitomized the “style beaux-arts”, namely the best of the best academic taste as far as architecture is concerned. However, its conception was at the time modern and full of that romantic impulse that was clashing with the academicism of the time. It is a place that was designed like a rebus, whose slightest detail sends back to another place and another time. This film tries to reveal and to fathom out this virtual building.

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Original language : french
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