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Republic of junk food


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19h30 - Le Trait d'Union - Maison Folie du Fort de Mons-en-Baroeul


Republic of junk food
by Jacques Goldstein on an original idea by Xavier Denamur
(France, 2012, 52 min)



This film chronicles the battle of the chief Xavier Denamur, to restore common sense finding food along with its organic link with a peasant world finally recognizes the public health issues. Combat is also an opportunity to reflect on the state of our Republic.


"Caviar for some, junk food for others: the Republic is in tatters. Tax breaks and low wages ... Three billion euros per year have disappeared from state coffers without the consumer or the employee noticing. Republic of Junk food is a dive into this regime in sham lobbying but with Parliament, with restaurants without cooks, with farmers but without fresh produce. A harmful regime whose motto could be opacity, insecurity, obesity. "


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