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It might get loud


Le Mois du film documentaire
8:00 - Auditorium du Palais des Beaux Arts


It might get loud de Davis Guggenheim
(USA, 2008, 97 mn, vostf)




It's a group portrait of three musicians and also, more intriguingly, a free-form historical and philosophical essay on the instrument that unites them.
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From left, Jack White of the White Stripes, the Edge from U2 and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin in Davis Guggenheim's documentary "It Might Get Loud." It does.

The mystique of the electric guitar is as durable as anything in rock 'n' roll. Whenever the power chord or the screaming solo seems destined for oblivion, it's rescued and revived, either by a new generation of players or, as has been the case more recently, by a video game. There has been no shortage of innovators, from Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix to Bob Mould, and "It Might Get Loud," rather than surveying the whole field, assembles a representative power trio made up of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, the Edge of U2 and Jack White, most famously of the White Stripes.

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