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Support for the National Catalogue of documentary films

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We learned with concern that the sustainability of the National Catalogue of documentary films is now more assured, lack of funding.

Entrusted since 2005 at the Public Library Information Centre Georges Pompidou (BPI), the National Catalogue of documentary films is an indispensable tool in the service of all, for public access to and quality of major works of documentary film often French and international. It allows, on the whole territory and throughout the year, the implementation of many recovery operations and image education.

With the acquisition from producers, film rights selected for their quality and shape of their subject, thanks also to the achievement of specific materials for libraries, it provides life to films, often unpublished, otherwise disappear after a few broadcasts at festivals and a few television appearances. Today, more than 1,500 films that can be integrated to the collections of libraries, distributed and exhibited to the public.
This system continues, thirty years after its creation, convinced by his intelligence.

The disappearance of the national catalog would be a regrettable regression to library collections and the quality of their business. This catalog are based on number of major transactions - projections through the Documentary Film Month and throughout the year, school workshops, etc..

It would also signal a particularly ironic at a time when it seems important instead to offer the public means of access to works simple, quality, legal, respects the right of authors and producers. - Ways that have always been at the heart of duties and responsibilities of public libraries.

We therefore call on Madam Minister of Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filippetti, to take the necessary steps to safeguard the national catalog of documentary films through which media libraries give to see at all, widely and easily, rare and valuable works .


The call comes at the initiative of the Association Images in libraries, which brings together more than 500 libraries and other organizations working to promote a culture of public service broadcasting.

(sorry for any mistakes of language - it's "googled" translation)

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