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BRAZIL, 2006, 00:15:00

Production : DILEMA STUDIO
Genre : Filmed action, Video art
Keyword : Installation, action, Relation

Summary :
Face to Face is a result of a video-installation, in which various gallery goers answer to 5 questions concerning love. They were left alone with a camera, facing their own image on the video monitor. The questions, written over a paper, approached different aspects of love. The interviewed people react in many different ways: they pass through states of hesitation, anguish, nostalgia, euphoria, emotion, questioning. And there're many instants of suspension between the answers. The video image is composed by these intimate moments of reflection, distended by the editing. That which is not said seems to be as revealing as what is expressed in their answers. On the audio track, voices mix and overlap, ideas are repeated and contradicted. The whispers form one almost indistinct mantra, echoing thoughts, experiences and personal (or cliches) conceptions about love. The faces that play in slow motion, added to the profusion of voices that alternate in both audio channels and the subtitles that translate them, defy the spectator: he must create his own narrative, combining his reflection to the material presented to him.

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Original format : video
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Chroma : Noir&Blanc
Available version(s) : Version originale portugais, version originale portugais sous-titrée en français, version originale portugais sous-titrée en anglais.

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