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of PÉRIOT Jean-Gabriel

FRANCE, 2002, 00:09:30

Production : PERIOT Jean-Gabriel
Genre : Animation, Video art
Keyword : Animation, Sound creation, Movement, Photographs, Politics

Summary :
The 21 st of april 2002 was the day of the first round of the presidential elections. The two candidates chosen by french people for the 2nd roundof the elections were right wing Jacques Chirac, and right fascist, homophobe and racist Jean-Marie Le Pen. When the result were announced, I was overwhelmed by so many emotions: where I had lived, what I had done, and above all, what I had not done, and how I too was responsible for this outcome. An irretrievable turning point. One of those very few moments when one feels that one is really living history. But unfortunately, history at its blackest.
That very night was also the night my close friends organised a surprise birthday party for me. The cake had a bitter taste. Clash of public and private matters, small things of my intimate life and history in the making.
The film tries to answer those moments, my answer to the deep existential crisis that I then through. How to keep on going, how to flight, how to exist as an artist today, how to (simply).

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Original format : video
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Chroma : Couleur
Available version(s) : Sans paroles

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