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FRANCE, 2006, 00:45:00

Production : Avec le soutien de l'Atelier Vidéo Art Plastique, Avec le soutien du CRRAV (Région NPDC), EDITIONS DE L'ANONYME, LE GRAND MIX, MAC de Sallaumines
Genre : Video art
Keyword : Writing, Exile, Experimental, Homage, Literature

Summary :
According to Nivaria Tejera’s work « Fuir la spirale »

Nivaria Tejera’s text is here voiced, put in music and images.
This video shaping of the route of an exile, prey to the illusion of an improbable return, invites to the physical experience of a hallucinated travel between Paris and Cuba.
The words compose a narrative and rhythmic frame supported by the music. The video montage leans on this sound creation. The images invite to a perpetual travel to somewhere else, travel that though brings us to the images of our present world. In a dramatic hic et nunc, an inner conscience of our world reveals itself. The superposition of views of Paris and of Cuba form a background framework, and a plastic work (manual and digital) comes to insufflate an oneiric vision of the world, parasitizing the message, in making echo or substituting it.

Nivaria Tejera - Huir la espirale
Born in Cuba in 1930, the author spends her childhood at Teneriffe. She returns to Cuba without her father, imprisonned in Franco’s jails : she flees the spanish civil war of which she will describe the horror in 1958, in her novel “Le Ravin” (published by the Lettres Nouvelles). In 1971, she has got the Price Biblioteca Breve for “Sonambulo del sol”, novel about the roaming of a young half-breed in Havana and in 1987, “Fuir la spirale” is published in french, metaphysical novel where the character, prey to the splitting, is roaming through the space of the parisian exile and the time.

“Fuir la spirale” declines the set of themes of the uprooting, of the loss of identity and of the contact with immediate reality. The events contemporary to the text writing (Vietnam war, communist troops in Cambodia), registered in the individual memory of the author (of her character), mingle with collective memory of the civil war, of the dictatorships, of the torture to create a tortured conscience where memory, current events and prophecy are mixing up.

The movie « Fuir la spirale » comes from an interdisciplinary form created around the text of Nivaria Tejera by the Groupe Anonyme, developed either in a live show configuration, or in a sound and visual setting up configuration.

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Original language : french
Original format : video
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Chroma : Couleur
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