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of ACCETTONE Jean-Louis

FRANCE, 1999, 00:07:50

Production : MONAC 1
Genre : Video art
Keyword : Youth, Word, Society

Summary :
Groups of people are talking in the dark. They are standing, sometimes sitting. They are here with their bodies, with their cigarettes giving them composure, with their movements in space. They are in the film. A film with several characters : a comedy. Their conversations focus on everyday anecdotes, on general reflections, on themes as varied as they are common. Those discussions are improvised. The performers are aged 25 to 45 approximately. They all appear in groups of two to four people knowing each other. But although the conversations are improvised, although the characters know each other, the general atmosphere evokes television sitcoms ("live" conversations, standing position) and theatre (search of an attitude and position in space, frontal viewpoint for the spectator).
The characters are the same height as you are, spectator. You are in the film. You can see your reflection in the mirror on which the others are projected, those who are not you. Their figures stand out agianst the light. They are the framed ghosts of an electronic field. You are attending the show of human comedy, as always. You see yourself on them, in them. They talk about a lot of very different things. Joyful, thoughtful, quiet or nervous, they carry their bodies and bear with them, moving around in the field of the mirror. You listen to the anecdotes, you enter the film. Sometimes, everything becomes confused and words get superimposed as in Italian comedies. And you see yourself between them. You are not in the film any more. You are alone…

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Original language : french
Original format : installation
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Chroma : Couleur
Available version(s) : Version originale française

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