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Owenns Jimmy

Owenns Jimmy

born in 1981, FRANCE

visual artist, media artist, photographer, videographer

Kennedy James (previously known as Jimmy Owenns) is an award winning visual artist working with installation, drawing, video, photography and music. Born in France in 1981, she recently moved to NYC. She is represented by the Galerie Vanessa Quang in Paris and has shown her works in the USA, Europe, China and Japan. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections including the MoMA of Shanghai.

“Since 1998, I’ve been exploring the notions of the splitting (of perception, narration and psyche) and identity. Following this, I started working with videos in 2004 to question the cinema’s narration and construction. Nowadays, I’m interested into developing further more my fascination for the Japanese culture and its folklore which always has been a continuous inspiration to my work since the beginning.”


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