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20H00 - Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille (auditorium) - free entrance


The Ina, National Audiovisual Institute is proposing a program of advertisements selected for their formal creativity. You find directors like Ignacio Gayan, Mark Gustavson, Robert Caruso, Kinka Hucher, Alain Chabat, or even Jean-Pierre Jeunet and especially one of our "favorites": Michel Gondry.

The evening will be presented by Gilbert Dutertre

The works of this program are extracted from the Fund of contemporary audiovisual creation of the Inathèque de France, department of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) in charge of the legal deposit of radio and television. Created in 2002, to supplement the legacy Fund of radio and television handled by the Ina, this Fund has an ambition to preserve and transmit the account of the various forms of creation using audiovisual yet without being screened, exploring new aesthetic and narrative.


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Billeterie en ligne